Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why choose SEO and SEOTutor

Why choose SEO and SEOTutor

With the growing demand and increasing popularity of SEO in India, foreign clients and companies are hiring people to work for them because of its low cost living and working for lesser amounts. The Indian SEO communities are also selected because of their rich knowledge, experience and expertness. And the Indian SEO organizations assure the clients to generate their greatly desired goals into positive outcomes and comparatively they charge lesser than the foreign SEO services.

SEO popularity and demand in the world of online business as search engine optimization helping numbers of companies in promoting their business worldwide so for doing this, the SEO services help the websites get superior rank which increases the website traffic. The SEO services are expert in such cases. The website owners, who choose SEO companies to optimize their websites, have gained huge success in their business online.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Importance Of SEM For Our Business

Importance Of SEM For Our Business

Online search is the most widely used method of attracting qualified visitors to your web site. According to Jupiter Research, 82% of online shoppers know exactly what they want when they log onto the Internet and almost half of them use search engines to find solutions and vendors.

With research confirming that the vast majority of searches end within the first two pages of results, prominent placement on the Internet's major search engines through effective search engine optimization is of critical importance.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Social Media Marketing Course Training

Social Media Marketing Course Training

Our smm course curriculum training covers not only theoretical but also live projects from industry leading search marketing experts who provide practical live projects.

We have designed this SMM course to the ones who want to impart knowledge and interested in making career in SEO, PPC, SMM and internet marketing field. Our SEO courseis ideal for anyone involved in online business from copywriter to web masters, entrepreneurs and small business owners in building a successful business online.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SEO Process

WebSite Analysis:
This SEO activity is about analysing the website, how it treats the visitors, search engine, the looks and feel. In this activity we shall only be making general views about the website.

Industry Analysis:
After analysing the website in general, we shall do a small study of the industry you are in. This shall us in developing terminology grip over the subject as we develop and optimize the website content.

Subject Analysis:
This part consists of in-depth study of the products and/or services you sell on your website. We shall be observing trends of these on internet, how these are dealt on B2B portals.

Keyword Research:
How your website uses rich keywords in the content and meta tags, plays a vital role how your website shall be treated by search engines. Keyword research at this stage shall help us immensely when we develop latent semantic environment at a later stage.

Latent Semantic Development:
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Development, this is one of the new algorithms used by search engines like google. By using this algorithm an SE robot tries to evaluate how much relevant content is there surrounding the main subject. for eg: if you are selling cars, content related with roads, fuel, sports events related with cars will get you weightage in search engine ranking.

Record Search Engine Rankings:
During this Pre-SEO phase, we shall record your current search engine rankings so that we can compare these with post SEO rankings. This shall also help us evaluate ROI and improvement made after our efforts.

Competitive View:
At this stage we shall take a view at your competitors, how they are place in search engine rankings, how popular they are on internet. Their link popularity strategies shall be minutely observed by us. This shall help us plan an SEO strategy for you.

Decide Length of SEO Strategy:
Once we have done above said activities, we shall be good enough to plan and decide how long it will take us to achieve desirable results. The client and IT-INDIA.com staff can finalise the kind of SEO strategy that is needed.

Set Goals:
The final goals can be set at this stage. You can plan and target n number of visitors a day and/or n number of leads that you expect. You can also plan pay per click programs, banner impressions etc.

Title Optimization:
Title is the most important meta tag in the header part of a webpage. It is one line summary about the webpage and hence search engines treat it as the most significant "tell the tale" like indicator. This is the first thing we like to hit when it comes to on page optimization.

Optimize Description Tag:
Description tage is used to describe the contents of a webpage. This is again an important tag as we give almost equal attention to this tag too. This too helps is optimizing a webpage for Search Engines.

Optimize Keywords Tag:
Technically speaking, keywords are the key connection between search phrase typed at search engines and keyword tags mentioned in your webpage. However the content environment in the webpage must reflect the keywords mention in the header. Optimizing keywords helps establish this key connection.

Optimize H1 - H3 Tags:
Header Tags are most important after title when it comes to describing the nature of the content in a webpage. Header as the name suggest is like a subtitle of the content and thus helps a search engine understand the page swiftly.

Content LSI Optimization:
We have explained the term LSI above in this page, here, it is being used to optimize the content in that direction. Lets say we have a webpage talking about packaged mineral water, we would like to put similar content like 2/3 contents of our body is water hence pure water is essential etc. etc., hence making the webpage rich in related content.

Navigation & Structure Optimization:
This part deals with the general strucutre of the website and how a user and search engine are going to navigate through the website. This is very important as you would never want your visitor to get lost somewhere on the website. for eg. if I were surfing your website, I would definitely want navigation links like home page, previous page like a tree structure.

Set Image Tags:
These tags are very important, particularly when an image gets missing due to any technical reason. In such situation, if alt tag is set right, person can view the text instead of the image.

Google Webmaster Central:
This is the most important tool any webmaster can get. Google Webmaster Central Click this link to reach treasure of tools that will help you understand: crawling and URL errors on your page, Google Traffic, Inward Links and what not? Have fun :-)

XHTML - w3.org Validation:
W3 site can be used as a Validator. All kinds of XHTML errors can be detected and thus fixed by our webmasters. We strongly recommend site to be strict XHTML 1.0 in order to set order within site and thus gain respect.

Sitemap Dev.:
Sitemaps are very very important guideline for telling the search engine about the various webpages existing on your website which may otherwise not be tracable through the index file.

Set Robots file:
Robots file usually lies in the root directory of the website and contains info about which files should be crawled and indexed by search engines and which ones need to be avoided by SEs.   

Add XML RSS Feeds:
We offer RSS feeds on your website, thus allowing people to show the content of your website on their websites.   

Check Dead Links:
Dead links bring bad name to the website. There should never ever be broken links on your website. We shall make sure your website doesn't have any dead links which often piss visitors as well as SEs.

Browser Compatibility:
As you might have experienced in your life, a website pulls well in one browser while not in other. Webmaster should make sure that each webpage opens up pretty well in all major browsers.

Copyscape Content Testing:
Duplicate Content on your website can bring you bad name too. Not only this, you should make sure that your content is not copied and used on any other website on internet.

Get Links in Directories:
Once the website is optimised with right keywords and rich LSI enviroment, next step is to make the website popular on internet. One way is by submitting your URL to thousands of free directories in the respective category. More inward links to your site means more popularity and thus more traffic. We offer various plans in this segment, click here to learn more.

Forum Participation:
Forum participatin is very useful when it comes to building inward links to your website. You can hire our staff in order to post useful, rich and meaningful content in forums.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SEO Training Increase Your Traffic -> Increase Your Profit

A broad definition of web traffic is simply the number of visitors to your website. It can be direct traffic, search engine traffic, or referral traffic. Web traffic not only includes the number of visitors to your website, but also the number of pages on your website each person visits. Successful website owners are constantly gathering and analyzing statistical data from their websites to understand and better serve their website traffic. There are several methods online for generating both paid and free website traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising are two basic and fairly well known strategies for promoting your eCommerce business online. There are also other low cost or no cost methods available for sending free website visitors to your online store. Certain internet marketing strategies allow you to leverage the traffic and popularity of other online resources. Never before in the history of business has free marketing and advertising been so readily available and profitable as it has been in the internet/e-commerce age.

Here are seven internet marketing strategies that allow you to leverage to traffic and popularity of other websites and will help you increase traffic to your website.

    Blogs exist that allow guest bloggers and article writers. Write a blog post and submit it as a guest blogger. Search online for bloggers seeking content.
    Take advantage of article marketing by writing online article and submitting them to the top article submission websites. Go to google.com and search for “article submission sites”.
    Start an affiliate program that rewards and compensates others for marketing and advertising your products and services online. Write articles and ad copy that you can distribute to your affiliates to be used as marketing text. Your affiliates will use the content you provided on their websites or blogs. Not only does this help drive qualified traffic to your website, but it also provides backlinks to your site. Affiliates are highly motivated, because when a customer makes a purchase on your website, the affiliate makes a commission.
    Video is the online medium in highest demand. Think of it this way … The majority of people would rather see the movie than read the book. It is the same online. Internet users in many instances would rather watch a video of you reading an online article to them than actually reading the article themselves. YouTube has made it very easy to record, upload, optimize, and market video online. There is no reason not to use video as a fun and easy marketing strategy.
    Webinars or online seminars have become a very popular method of bringing people together to experience an online presentation. Participate in numerous webinars, where you are either the presenter or the guest. In either case you can contribute to the webinar and include your credentials as the ownerofyourwebsite.com.
    Participate in forums or on message boards. Take a unique stance or play the devil’s advocate on a topic, even if you do not necessarily side with the opinion you are presenting. Your unique opinion will spark conversation and discussion. Opportunities to market yourself and your website will then arise.
    Create “Top 10 Lists” that review and promote the products and services of others. This is especially effective for those participating in affiliate marketing, because each of the products reviewed provides an opportunity to include an affiliate link. Lists such as these are highly trafficked, because they present information in a quick and easily digestible format. Make sure to include links to your website and products in the review list as well.

Pay per click marketing and search engine optimization are effective and even necessary marketing strategies to implement to promote your online business and drive traffic to your eCommerce website. However, these are not the only methods online for promoting and advertising. You can and should participate in the online community surrounding the main topic of your website. Being a guest blogger, writing and publishing articles, creating and marketing videos about your products, producing product review lists, and participating in online message boards and forums are just a few of the ways you can utilize the success of others to increase your success. Through these ideas and tips you can gain visitors and customers by piggybacking off the popularity and success of these other online platforms.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Business

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion -Wiki . Google the word “Car.” All of the advertisements visible on the right side and sometimes above the search results are ads that a business paid for.

Here are some of the key benefits of adding SEM to your marketing campaign.
Search delivers an active, targeted message to your online properties.

Individuals who see your SEM advertisements are actively searching for the keywords you indicated. For example, if you are in the baby carriage business, you would most likely advertise on the following keywords: Baby Carriage, Baby, Carriage, Babies, Active Baby, etc. Now if anyone searches any of the following words and you are paying enough per click, your advertisement will appear. Now here is the best part! As an advertiser, if you use the Pay-Per-Click methodology, you don’t pay unless a user clicks on the advertisement. Therefore, as a business, you only pay for people who are actively searching the key words your company selected and who found your advertisement relevant.

Search is the most popular medium for locating information.

74% of internet users perform local searches and of this percentage 82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase (TMP / comScore). From July 2007 to May 2008, Google has processed a total of 65.6 billion U.S searches. This is an average of 5.96 billion searches a month or roughly 20 million searches per month. Google represents 61.8% of search engines during this period. In other words, people are using search engines to find out about your company’s products or services.