Friday, March 22, 2013

Future of SEO: Change, Convergence, Collaboration

Future of SEO: Change, Convergence, Collaboration

For 2011-2016 predicts that 26 percent of all advertising spend will come from interactive marketing reaching a grand total of $77 billion by 2016, with $33 billion of that coming through search.

Although the report states that search will lose some share from 55 percent today to 44 percent of all interactive spend in 2016, it also states that “Marketers refocus their search marketing strategies on 'getting found' by users through any medium — not just search engines.”

While many posts have been written that address change in particular reference to Google, little has been said about how these strategic changes by Google are a result of, and indeed further catalyst to, convergence and collaboration.

Today, that is the main topic of my conversation – convergence and collaboration. It’s a big topic that requires a big post. Why? Like it or not, SEO has changed and its future relies upon a complex relationship with content marketing, social media, and collaborative technology.

The end result is a whole new way of thinking about utilizing SEO and social media strategy and technology.

What’s more, with the input of some expert insight, we will identify a whole new set of the new roles to the SEO landscape that are now totally justifiable – not just as part of a current SEO role, but as full-time roles in their own right.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

SEO Company - How to choose a seo company?

Having decided to hire a seo company is just half the job done. Not every company can give you the kind of services you require. This is why you need to know have knowledge of a certain criteria that will enable you to choose the right seo company.
Things to Watch Out For
The first and foremost given fact is not to hire a company that makes use of any Black Hat seo techniques. This would just risk your site getting banned. Any seo company that guarantees it will help you to acquire the number one spot without even conducting a preliminary analysis of your website is either looking to overcharge you or selling services that you wouldn’t want to buy.
Another tip is not to be fooled by technical jargon. For example if an seo company mentions changing meta title tags and description tags as their main seo tactic then they are definitely looking to cheat you.
Furthermore you should beware of companies that offer making doorway pages for your website on another server. This may actually drain more money out of your website rather than into it. All benefits of seo services must be received by your site solely.
Quality Signs to Look For
There are a number of things that can be considered to be signs of quality in a seo company.
A good seo company should have some naturally appealing characteristics that manage to catch your attention. Their site should speak for them. Alternatively if other sites are speaking good about them then that is also a sign of quality.
If you want to choose the right seo company then you should know the right place to search for them.
SEO forums are the best place to find reputable names in the business. Similarly you should check out the articles archive on sites such as SearchGuild, Clikz, SearchDay and ISEDB.
It’s also always a good idea to seek recommendations from your friends whom you know have knowledge of the industry.
Furthermore seo companies that are being recommended by other websites in the form of honest links can be counted amongst the credible service providers.
One of the key aspects that only the best of seo companies will have covered is that they will be giving out some valuable information about their industry for free to their potential clients.
Scan the company’s website to see if they have any useful information to offer and if they actively participate in seo forums. If they don’t then you really don’t have any reason to choose the company over other companies that display knowledge up front.
The objectives of each website seeking seo services vary and so do their values. However the lowest priced seo company will not necessarily turn out to be the cheapest for you, let alone effective.
A good seo company will do a lot more for you than just seo and this is the key that you should look for when choosing a particular company to hire.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Six Month Industrial Training in Noida

Six Month Industrial Training in Noida

SEOTutor has announced a unique Online/Offline Internship training programs to provide skill-based in SEO, SEM, SMO, ASP .NET, PHP.

Highly qualified Professionals with hands-on experience in IT, would guide and help blossom the new entrant into an industry-ready, Software professional. SEOTutor provides you the advantage of getting a complete learning and work experience from anywhere and at anytime. We have been providing online/offline Internship through our dedicated LMS (Learning Management System) server and Track/Monitor your Work Assignment on Weekly basis. SEOTutor work in sync with the College/University and help Aspirant to create Project for Submission as per their Course curriculum of University, and provide Certificate along with 100% Job Placement Assistance to all Aspirant.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why choose SEO and SEOTutor ?

Why choose SEO and SEOTutor

With the growing demand and increasing popularity of SEO in India, foreign clients and companies are hiring people to work for them because of its low cost living and working for lesser amounts. The Indian SEO communities are also selected because of their rich knowledge, experience and expertness. And the Indian SEO organizations assure the clients to generate their greatly desired goals into positive outcomes and comparatively they charge lesser than the foreign SEO services.

SEO popularity and demand in the world of online business as search engine optimization helping numbers of companies in promoting their business worldwide so for doing this, the SEO services help the websites get superior rank which increases the website traffic. The SEO services are expert in such cases. The website owners, who choose SEO companies to optimize their websites, have gained huge success in their business online.

The motive and primary objective of a SEO company is enhancing the website traffic, but it cannot be done directly.. Still there are lots of website owners who ignore the services provided by the SEO companies, and the result they get is failure. it is best to undoubtedly focus on the latter since they are much more promising with regards to growing your adaptation rates and helping you make a sale.

SEO Company India makes website more visible on the web and can get more business, which will mean more profits. Businesses can easily increase the visibility of their business with the assist of internet marketing in order to get more customers for their business.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Courses - Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Course

Professional Social Media Optimization Training:

No one has escaped the appeal of social networking sites of Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Digg, LinkedIn, MySpace,, etc that have large number of followers. We all are hooked to one of these sites, but have not thought of making a career by learning more about these sites.

SMO orSocial Media Optimization is one of the powerful techniques of SEO that helps in generating traffic to a website by utilizing Social networking sites. As every business today has an online presence, its aim always remains to attract maximum visitors and SMO helps it do the same.

Our SMO course training will make you well versed with the functioning of these popular networking sites and a comprehensive knowledge of various SMO tools and techniques by means of which an organization can get maximum web exposure. It will give you chance to learn about your favorite site while helping you shape a career in Social Media Marketing.

» Understand What Social Media
» Understand What Social Media Can & Can't Do
» Determine Where Conversations are Happening
» What's the benefit to SMO
» Account Creation and promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn)
» Profile, Pages and Link Creation
» Follower list Increasing techniques
» Community and group creation and promotion
» Adding social media in your website and blogs
» Learn how to monitor your reputation online
» Discover how to set up a measurable, accountable social media program
» Identify and track top blogs in your industry
» Acquire the techniques for placing the right messages on leading social media outlets, like FaceBook,, Digg, and YouTube
» Start using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques to supercharge the visibility of your website and press materials.


» Books
» CD
» Labs: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
» Live Projects
» Course Certificate
» Confirmation Letter/ Training Letter/ Project Letter-For Degree Pursing Candidates To Submit In Colleges
» Consultants/Faculties - All our consultants are professionals working with IT companies
» Experience Certificates - All our students would be given experience certificates after successful completion of project.
» 100% Job Assistance
¤ Regular Job updates Resourcing Through Consultancy Services
¤ Regular Walk Ins
¤ Exclusive Walk-ins For WITS Students
¤ Campus Interviews
¤ Resume Sending