Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Social Media Is Important?

Social Media has had the largest impact on marketing world in decades. It will enhance your online presence dramatically. Using different forms of social media will allow your brand and business to be planted firmly in potential customers' minds. Through continuing to use social media you will be able to inform your customers, encourage good search engine optimisation and make sure that your business is using all that is available to boost your online presence. Social media also allows you to monitor and increase brand recognition, with an increased level of enquiries for your product and service.

It is firstly important to understand your business and what your chosen target market is. Social Media includes the use of Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Blogs, news, Google+1. Not all are critical to all businesses. Spending time with MRS will allow us to develop a social media plan that is ideal for you and your pocket.

Facebook has traditionally been used for individuals to keep in touch with their friends and enjoy photos, information and wall posts. Facebook has now developed a business area. Companies can build a presence with a Facebook page for your business allowing you to add photos, information, wall posts and even a customisable app which allows you to share your menu, stream videos etc. Not only can Facebook do this, it can also send out adverts to targeted customers by location, age, gender, birthday and education. And to top it off, you are able to gain analytics from these ads. MRS are here to design ads and set this all up for you so you get a hassle free social media presence.

Twitter is used by many businesses and individual personalities to offer an insight into the day to day activity of their business / self.

Promoted tweets allow you to reach out to those who do not already follow you on twitter. Promoted trends engage customers in a trend and place this on their trend list for consumers to become involved with the trend. A trend is where large numbers of users are hash tagging a phrase. Using Twitter trend websites you can see what is trending in your local area allowing you to see what people are interested in giving you the ability to hop on the bandwaggon. To top this off, the analytics provide you with a run down on the tweets dashboard of the fundamental metrics of your campaign. Including information on impressions, re-tweets, clicks, replies and follows. Alongside this there is also the timeline activity which takes into account all of your tweets and where they are performing in terms of mentions, follows and reach.

Linked In allows professionals to share information on themselves, their history and their companies' activities along with testimonials. Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages. By selecting a target audience, job title, age, industry, job function, geography, company name, company size etc, you can select who views your ads. A budget can be set and also you only pay for the clicks or the impressions that you receive can be set up.

The company page lets you add information and pictures of the products and services that you offer. You can update this as frequently as you like and this information is available to thousands of potential customers.

MRS are able to take this hassle of setting up new social media accounts and developing these to get the best out of your social media networking.

Our LinkedIn Page.

Blogs are an ideal way to promote your business, inform your customers on industry news and internal news. Blogs offer a good chance to use key words and introduce new topics providing valuable information. Search Engine Optimisation is very competitive and can be expensive. Using social media and regular blogging can push your website to new heights.

MRS can either set up the blogs or train you how to write to get the most from your investment. Alternatively we write regular blogs for many companies every month - just ask.

Our Blog
RSS Feeds

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regular changing web content. These feeds allow your customers to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites that enrich the information your business provides. The RSS feeds can be easily linked with your website making sure that your site is consistently kept up to date with industry news. These can be news sites or group sites for your industry.
Google +1 Button

The Google +1 Button is Googles take on the Like button from Facebook. This +1 button allows you to access your pages in Google search boxes, and works well with other forms of social media to increase search engine optimisation.

Social Media is a individual platform for you to push out your brand and business products and services.

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